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Collection: Aliki Leatherettes

Like the Originals, the Leatherette collection is sporty, artistic and bold.  While the cord is not leather, it looks like it is, making these designs edgy, fun and gender neutral.   All designs are made in sterling silver 925. Once you put on an AlikiDesign you won’t want to take it off. Wear it swimming, showering, exercising, working, playing, relaxing, sleeping… Anywhere. Anytime. #Alikiwear.

Environmental Charter Schools “Bridging the Gap” Scholarship

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Environmental Charter Schools (ECS) expands the possibilities for its high school students to attend college. This support recognizes that a small investment can prove to make a significant impact on a student’s higher education journey.  The Board of Directors works tirelessly to build bridges and foster relationships on behalf of ECS.  The Board celebrates the recipient’s ability to inspire others through their personal story, passion and willingness to lead by example. This scholarship is awarded to two ECS high school graduate recipients each year. These students have overcome challenges in their environment and achieved their full academic and personal potential. The students come from the south Los Angeles communities of Lawndale, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lennox and Gardena. More than 86% of all ECS students qualify for the federal free or reduced-price meals program for families at or living close to the poverty line.

Although 96% of ECS' high school graduates are accepted to a four-year college or university, oftentimes financial limitations keep students from attending a university in which they were accepted admission. By opening eligibility requirements for students who may not qualify for traditional scholarships, this funding can determine whether an ECHS graduate may be able to afford the cost of a four-year university and enroll in college.
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To learn more about the groundbreaking outcomes and impact ECS has in its community, follow this link:


* Donations are made at year-end.

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