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Lead With Gratitude

Our framework to Lead With Gratitude is a daily practice.  It is human nature to become fixated on what is wrong, what is going wrong, what is missing, what isn't right.  And while life is indeed imperfect, and there are horrific situations in the world and terrible people influencing the energy and the collective dynamics, there are also miracles happening all around us. Small as they may sometimes appear to be, they are there to find - like a gemstone in the rough or a hidden image embedded in a larger picture.  And if we focus on leading with gratitude, we become aware of finding these treasures in our lives, and they serve as important reminders to us all, and always, that life is precious!


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  • Awareness, self love and altruism are core ingredients to leading a healthy and happy life.

    A practice of gratitude creates a sense of appreciation and awareness for staying in the space of now.

    It is easy to let our mind wander to what is going wrong or to focus on the future.

    Cheers to #leadwithgratitude post!

    Thank you for integrating the powerful messages in your intentions in your designs and delivery of your amazing bracelets.

    Denise McDermott M.D.

    Denise McDermott

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