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About Our Designs

  • We design good looking, purposeful, smart, practical, elegant, enduring, hassle-free bracelets and necklaces

  • We offer concierge service:  let us help you curate designs that best match who you are, especially when it comes to putting together a customized bundled look.
    • All designs come in a variety of colors so you get to choose your palate.
    • Each design has a Greek name, an essence, and a meaningful positive intention.
    • Every design is handcrafted and customized to be fitted to the desired wrist (or neck) size.

  • Our designs "stack up" against the rigors of every day life. We use durable cords and a Greek-inspired interlocking clasp that eliminates excess cords and prevents the bracelets from coming loose.

  • We use sterling silver, 14k gold, gold filled and vermeil as our metals.

  • They are great layered with each other or with your other jewelry.

  • Most of our bracelets are made using 8 cords as this number is symbolic of  infinite possibilities.

  • Our designs light-weight and durable so they can be worn all the time, anytime - sleeping, exercising, swimming, day-into-night.