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The Inspiration Behind the Name

Aliki is a distinctive Greek name, held only by a few remarkable women. Some say its essence comes from Germanic roots and conveys nobility. Many Anglo-Americans have translated the name Aliki into Alice. Others have indicated that the word comes from an ancient Greek association with honesty. My dearest “thea” (aunt) was Aliki, named after the first Greek woman to win Miss Europe, 1930.

Welcome to AlikiDesigns.  I'm DD, the founder and designer, and here is the origin of our name. For me, Aliki means quiet wisdom, as so evident in my Aunt Aliki. While we shared a birthday and the astrological sign of Aries, she typically stood out for her calm energy in an otherwise boisterous Greek family. That doesn’t mean she was a wallflower. Standing tall at 4’11”, she was spunky, playful, funny, strong, loyal, friendly, warm, sincere, and downright cute. And she was a go-getter, spending years studying to become an aesthetician, and later in life, pursuing a Reflexology degree. 

My aunt’s alluring beauty on the outside paled in comparison to her inner strength of character, her holistic approach to life, and love that she gave out abundantly. She lived her life with integrity, generosity, and kindness. She was an unassuming positive force.  She had caring hands and a restorative ethos.

I started making the bracelets to bring a piece of the Greek islands to you, and share these easy-to-wear designs. With custom crafted clasps and a great Boho style, each one is handmade, nuanced from one to the next, slightly asymmetrical, and fitted to your wrist, ankle or neck.  They are durable, and match well with other pieces.  Through AlikiDesigns, I hope that Aliki continues to be a source of inspiration and good vibrations.  

Each piece is infused with positive intentions and has a GIFt (Give It Forward together) benefit, in partnership with select non-profits.  We believe in approaches that bring out the best of social responsibility,  So, our GIFts are transparent - always a percentage of the price you pay. May you wear the designs in good health and the pursuit of wisdom.

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  • Dearest DeeDee. You are amazing and what a wonderful tribute to your beautiful, outstanding Aunt Aliki. She would be so proud of all you have accomplished and continue to do so. Thanks for sharing. Much. Love, Granny J

    Janice Berger

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