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What's the Deal.... with Jewelry?

Aliki Designs was recently invited as a guest on mental wellbeing podcasts produced by Dr. Denise (drdenisemd.com). We were invited because Dr. Denise believes in the power of inspiring higher consciousness through meaningful intentions, and jewelry can be one form of expression.  But how is that possible?  Isn't a piece of jewelry - especially ones that are cord based - just a fun little item to wear?  Isn't jewelry frivolous? Material? Superficial?  Focused solely on beautification?

As we talked on the podcast, we shared how jewelry items are artifacts.  They are seen throughout history as representing fashion, and yet also meaning.  Ancient pieces reside in museums and we ascribe purpose to them.  Did they represent adornment? Wealth? Culture? Norms?  From the Ancient Egyptians with their arm bands to - more recently - the Masai Mara with their neck coils and earlobe film canisters, jewelry conveys a great deal of meaning to individuals who wear the pieces, as well as symbolizing culture.  And jewelry lives on.  We have relics from our own ancestors, past down from generation to generation.  They might be worth something, monetarily, but more significantly, they come with a story.  They have meaning, and they augment someone's purpose.

At Aliki Designs, we honor the stories that blossom with each piece.  Each of our designs is intended to raise conscious awareness to the power of intention.  Each piece has a Greek name, an essence and a message of positive intention. Our jewelry can be worn all the time, and is convenient to wear anytime. Our pieces, ranging in price from $ 17 upwards, remind you that you have the opportunity every day to live your life with intention and build your unique story. 

In a greater space, they are the artifacts that live on to tell the story of our culture and society.  Individually and uniquely, they transform from pieces on a card to a consistent reminder for each of us to live into a higher consciousness state of mind through the intention of becoming.


Check out Dr. Denise's podcast at drdenisemd.com


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