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14k yellow gold featured in khaki

14k yellow gold featured in khaki

Fengari: 14k gold, Greek Friendship Cord Bracelet

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Fengari (essence: the moon): building presence, developing consciousness, contributing to people thriving collectively, paying homage to the passage of time


Inspiration: Aliki represents a calm wisdom. Each design is infused with positive intentions and a GIFt (Giving It Forward together) toward select social causes that build character and culture in our communities. Our cord bracelets are uniquely Greek and have a special, durable clasp.  Aliki designs are simple and are made to wear alone or layered with other cord bracelets and jewelry. Each piece is hand crafted with its own nuance and beauty.  Now don't say we didn't warn you:  Once you put on an Aliki, you won't want to take it off!  Wear your Aliki exercising, showering, working, playing, dancing, sleeping, relaxing. Anywhere. Anytime. #Alikiwear.


Picking the size:
Measure your wrist with a tape measure. 
* It is important to measure your wrist size in centimeters - to the size of the bracelet you prefer. These bracelets are mostly worn fitted, but they can also be worn loose. It is personal preference. The size you order should be the size you want the bracelet to be. If the tape measure feels tight at a certain measurement, order a size larger.

Additional color combinations available upon request.


* Aliki Designs are all hand crafted by an actual human being. Each one is infused with positive energy and will have its own slight unique variation from one to the next.